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Current Exhibit
The gallery is extending exhibition of this well received series. This work represents Zory's new level of artistic maturity by its obvious risk-taking, experimentation, and self-reliance.​

Over the last ten years, the gallery has watched Zory's photos transition from technically well-done to having something more that transcends the camerawork. His work has become less about the apparatus and more about the content. His work has veered away from the obvious into most recently the poles of austere, forthright crispness (his Death Valley work) and an embrace of complex layering and abstraction of the digital image (his abstracts based on color and shapes).

The work presented in Zory: Inside Out marries his austerity and complexity in an intimate self-portrait series that portrays a universally felt aspect of shared humanity, isolation.
The gallery is pleased to introduce to the visual art world two emerging artists who are otherwise well known to the music world. (Daniel is the Associate Principal Cellist of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra [CSO], and Rebecca, now retired, was CSO Associate Concertmaster for nearly 40 years).

DANIEL’s work in the solid, earthy art of ceramics is perhaps a counterbalance to his delicate, ephemeral musical work with cello and piano, yet he brings a lyricism and rhythm to his exploration of form, texture and tonal effects. 

REBECCA’s work is an embrace of places and patterns. Working in watercolor and gel pen (high viscosity and richly pigmented ink), she makes visual her impressions of travel experiences, photos taken by family and friends, and the repetition and relationships of shapes and patterns in nature and daily life. And she makes music visual: for instance, her exhibited impression of the promenade theme from Modest Mussorgsky’s Pictures At An Exhibition.