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Barbara Widmeyer Trauth*
We sum up Barbara's paintings with the word WARMTH; they are alive, true and reassuring in the full sense, composed of defined edges and vigorous strokes that combine to present gentle moments of beauty. Barbara's style perhaps is a metaphor for the persistent strength, effort and hope life requires to earn those moments.

Ron Hoffman*
Before, during and after his tenure as Director of Media Services at Northern Kentucky University, Ron captured family, friends and places in a photographic style that is ironically cinematic. This exhibit premieres a retrospective of his character driven portraits and thematic explorations. In a word, Ron's work is LIGHT, a "natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible." (Google Dictionary)

Opening pARTy – Friday, January 12th, 5-8p
Fin Fri – Jan 26th, Feb 23rd 4-10p 
Pop-up Sunday hours TBA
Last Look Café – Saturday, March 24th, 2-5:00p
 * Gallery premiere
Current Exhibit