WASH  PARK      ART     

Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra's (CCO's) visual art collaboration, featuring violin-based artworks inspired by CCO’s 2018 Summermusik Festival. 

The violins were auctioned from July 13 through August 25, with all proceeds benefiting CCO.

Cedric Cox,
Guitar with Violin in the Garden
David Laug,
Because of the Brave
Sara Pearce,
Tom Towhey (2E),
Le Violon Rouge
Nicole Trimble,
Concert: August 4 
British Invasion

Cedric’s sought after cubism covers the front while his fascination with Victorian porcelains commands the back. A musician himself, Cedric analogizes musical elements in his art, “A change in rhythm or pitch can be compared to a shift in line, brushstroke, value and pattern.”
Concert: August 25
The Hero Within

A Navy veteran, David was the natural choice to design a violin for the concert, The Hero Within. His high energy expressionistic style includes bursts of vivid colors that tell a story. His violin is a symbolic flag, announcing our veteran stars and their bravery in ribbon-referenced wars.
Summermusik Festival

Sara’s violin evokes idyllic summers, with nature and music coming together in harmony. Using illustrations from the 17th century German botanical codex,
Hortus Eystettensis, Sara's work includes a nod to CCO's German born director, Eckart Preu, and the beautiful things he is cultivating here.
Concert: August 18
Voyage of the Red Violin

Tom"s kinetic sculpture of course features a red hued violin. His whimsical design metaphorically elaborates the journey and continuum of art, thus our humanity. As the tableau turns, primal elements like mushrooms thrive on time's decay and feed an imagination that yields a space age.
Concert: August 11
Four SeasonsReimagined

Nicole’s violin appears to be sculpted of ice, beautifully stark yet bristling with vigor; a visual reaction to Icelandic composer Sigurðsson’s 
Dreamland. Glints of mica suggest crackling ice and the similar sounds in Sigurðsson’s music. Her signature pink grounds the work in unexpected warmth.